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Tux Games account page

You do NOT need an account to buy from Tux Games. This section is for people who wish to use some of the extra features available on the site. A list of these features can be found below the login box.

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If you have an account you can access the following features:

1 ) Online order history, instead of having to have it emailed to you
2 ) Stored details, so ordering is quicker and easier
3 ) Create an affiliate link, and make money, or get free games refering people from your website
4 ) Sell your used or new Linux games on our website
5 ) Edit your mailing list preferences online instead of by email
6 ) Create a wishlist
7 ) Set your default currency
8 ) Unannounced feature coming soon
9 ) Access the Impulse Buy facility and save even more time when ordering