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Our Policy on Your Data

Tux Games is committed to your privacy. As such we guarentee that this company will never knowingly pass on any information that you give to us via this or any of our other websites to anyone, except as is needed to deliver the agreed products or services to you.

Any information that you give us will be held in a secure database and used ONLY for the functioning of this company.

You will never receive junk-email from us.We will not send you hassling email in an attempt to sell you a product.

We realise that in refusing to sell on this information, that we are losing out on a revenue stream that many companies find most lucrative.

However, we respect your privacy and right to lead a quiet life uninterupted by phone calls, junk-mails, or any other of the many disturbances that unwanted salesmen give.

We would rather our customers were secure in their privacy, than extra money in our pockets.

NOTE: This Company refers to Tux Games, its parent company, and any subsidiaries thereof. Your rights of privacy and our policy stated above apply throughout the organisation.

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