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Tux Games News Archive

21 Jul 2012
Cold War 1.0.2 patch released.

Cold War has been updated to 1.0.2. This primarily fixes game launching problems some have experienced.

13 Sep 2011

Server Maintenance

In order to address some ongoing network issues we will be performing a hardware migration on some of our servers during the course of this week. Please note that our website and other services will experience downtime during this migration which could last a day or two. We're sorry to interfere with your gaming, be assured it's for the long-term good and we'll try get it done as quickly as we can!

07 Apr 2011

GIANT SALE is now on

The Tux Games Giant Sale is now running. We are discounting everything! LGP, Loki, you name it!
All standard boxed games at $13 (about £8) OR LESS from tomorrow for a whole week, until midnight at the end of 14th april!
Special editions also have big discounts, and nothing that is in a box is the same price as it was before the sale started!

08 Dec 2010
We have rebuilt the system after the extended downtime, and are recovering subsystems right now. Please do bear with us as we are still recovering damaged sections of the company. Ordering is available, and orders will ship, we are aware the SSL cert has expired, this does not affect your security, and we will resolve it shortly.

18 Sep 2009
LGP has today released Shadowgrounds Survivor, the followup to their release two days ago of Shadowgrounds. You can now play the whole story end to end on Linux!

16 Sep 2009
LGP today made the surprise announcement that they have released Shadowgrounds. We were only expecting the sequel, Shadowgrounds Survivor to be released. And best yet, it is a budget title, so get your teeth into a bit of alien bashing, monster pulverising fun for half the price and earlier than expected, and if you like it (which of course you will) the sequel is just around the corner!

11 Sep 2009
X2: The Threat is now available for download and rental, as well as traditional boxed purchase. We have also dropped the price from $48 to $32 for the boxed version. If you've been waiting to try out the X universe, now is your chance!

25 Aug 2009
LGP has announced that Shadowgrounds Survivor is now gold, and will be shipping on Sept 10th. We are offering this game for download or boxed shipping, either rental or purchase. If you select a digital option, you will not be able to access the game before the day of release!

17 Aug 2009
Ballistics is now available for download and rental, as well as traditional boxed purchase.

01 Jun 2009
We are excited to announce our participation in the new LGP downloadable games system. Starting now, you will be able to buy X3: Reunion, Jets'n'Guns, and Sacred Gold in any of five ways.

  • Have the box shipped to you, as usual.
  • Have the box shipped, but also have a download too
  • Buy just a downloadable version
  • Rent the game for a month
  • Rent the game for a week

More games will be added to the list as LGP enables them for download-only distribution.

30 May 2009
Due to sales levels being quite different to expectations, we have had to end our sale early, and all LGP prices are now back to pre-sale prices.

13 May 2009
Following the sale over at LGP, we are reducing our prices on most LGP titles. The sale will last for the next 6 weeks, with discounts of up to 64%!

10 Apr 2009
Sacred Gold, the new RPG from LGP, has arrived and can be ordered now. Choose your character to save the world of Ancaria from evil!

06 Mar 2009
LGP has announced that Sacred Gold has gone gold! We are taking preorders right now for shipping on release day, so get your preorders in now!

01 Feb 2009
After a bit of a delay, while we waited for stock from the supplier, Prey is now in stock. Order now to get one of the best first person shooters to come to Linux!

30 Jan 2009
Roll up roll up, get your Jets here, come get your guns here. Order your Jets'n'Guns now for immediate shipment of this excellent new game from LGP.

05 Dec 2008
X3: Reunion, and X3 Special Edition are shipping! The newest game for Linux, ready to order for delivery before christmas. Don't forget there are only 500 of the special edition ever going to be made, and we have 100 of them, so order soon to avoid disapointment!

24 Nov 2008
We are pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement with Runesoft to allow their games to be purchased as a download-and-ship model, the same as has been available with LGP for some time. This means that you can simply check the button in your basket, and the game will be ready for you to download as soon as you finish payment. The boxed copy will arrive with you in the usual time.

10 Nov 2008
LGP has announced that X3 and X3 Special Edition have gone gold, and will be available on November 28th!

Supplies of the Special Edition version are limited, only 500 will ever be made, and we have 100 of them. Order now to avoid disappointment!

24 Oct 2008
After years of behind-the-scenes negotiations, Prey is finally coming to Linux.
Take the role of Tommy, as he races to rescue his girlfriend, and incidentally the world, from an alien threat!

10 Oct 2008
LGP has announced their latest title, Jets'n'Guns is on the way. Preorder from us and be guaranteed access into the beta test which is due to start next week!

22 Aug 2008
Runesoft's newest title, Jack Keane is now available for purchase. Order now and head on over to Tooth Island and find out just what's happening there!

06 May 2008
LGP has announced that their much anticipated new RPG product will be Sacred Gold. Pre-order now to get the game as soon as it comes out!

28 Apr 2008
Runesoft has announced that Jack Keane will be ported to Linux. Take the part of Jack, trapped on Tooth Island with a mad scientist bent on world domination!
Pre-order now!

22 Oct 2007
Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, has arrived for Linux!
Join the GDF, or fight as one of the Strogg, and fight for the future of the Earth in team-based combat to the death! Order now and join in to save the planet, or conquer it!

25 Sep 2007
For those who are having trouble finding the old Loki demos, or finding patches for your Loki games, Tux Games now has our new Loki Archive site up and running. The archive includes all demos and patches for Loki games.

16 Jun 2007
LGP has announced that X3 will be released as a Standard Edition, and also as a limited Special Edition of 500 copies. The Special Edition version will contain the X3 game, along with the book Farnhams Legend, and an X3 T-shirt. All special edition copies are individually numbered and signed. We have ordered 100 of the 500 available copies, and we have placed them on sale now, so you can order them in advance for when they are released. Once all 500 have been sold there will never be any more made. Ever. Order now to get one of the 100 copies that Tux Games has obtained!

07 Jun 2007
Ballistics is HERE!. If you haven`t ordered a copy, now is the time! Race at speeds of over 2,000 MPH against computer opponents and real people on the Ballistics circuits. There is nothing quite like crashing and burning in the grand canyon, or feeling gravity leave you as you spin through a glass tunnel high above Houston! Everyone who has preordered Ballistics will soon receive an email telling them their download code for the game, and their boxed copy will be showing up in the post soon.

17 May 2007
For all those of you who have waited so long, LGP has announced that Ballistics, the first commercial racing game for Linux, has gone gold. We should expect it to be available within 2-3 weeks. We are taking preorders now, and anyone who preorders will be emailed a download code to download the game on the day of release, so you can play it even before your box arrives in the post!

13 Mar 2007
Knights and Merchants, the new title from LGP has been released and is in stock now!

08 Jan 2007
LGP has announced their newest title, X3: Reunion is in development. For those who enjoyed X2, or if you just enjoy a game with spectacular graphics, this is the one for you. Preorder now from us, and be guaranteed access to the beta test when it starts in the next few months!

29 Dec 2006
Just in time for the end of the year, Ankh from RuneSoft has been released. Travel through Ancient Egypt in a quest to rid yourself of a curse and regain the favour of the gods!

11 Dec 2006
Tux Games has now started stocking the Tux Games Games Machine. This is a computer preloaded with all of the LGP games, and coming in four different flavours ranging from the modestly priced and specced Vanilla flavour, to the extremely tasty chocolate flavour.
Loaded with Fedora Core 6, and twelve full games, this is the ideal next computer!

14 Oct 2006
On the 25th and 26th of October, Tux Games will be at UK Linux Expo where we will be giving away thousands of pounds worth of freebies, letting people play games for free at our stand, and selling the latest Linux games. Come and meet us next week at stand A1 in Kensington Olympia!

08 Aug 2006
The latest Quake game from id, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is now available for preorder. Join friends and enemies in fierce multiplayer action, taking the side of the EDF (the humans) or the Strog (the ones who want to eat the humans). Order now, and your Linux version of this game will be shipped as soon as it is released!

04 Aug 2006
LGP has made its third release in as many months. Cold War takes you behind the iron curtain in 1980`s Moscow, where a lone journalist must survive a conspiracy that could shake the world, and where his only chance of survival lies in nobody knowing he is there in the first place!

16 Jun 2006
LGP has released its newest title, Gorky 17. The game has an addictive mix of realtime and turn based strategy, and is in stock now! If you want to try out the first level, check out the free demo.

30 May 2006
X2: The Threat, the new release from LGP has arrived! Preorders are shipping now. Order today for quick delivery to your doorstep!

28 Apr 2006
LGP has announced that X2: The Threat has gone gold! We expect to have stock within the next 2-3 weeks, so order now to get your order as soon as it comes in!

25 Apr 2006
LGP has announced they are to publish the new game Cold War from Mindware. We are now taking preorders for this great new idea for the third person genre. What makes it different? Well check out our product information screen!

Preorder Cold War from Tux Games and you are guaranteed access to the beta test! See LGP`s beta site for details!

22 Feb 2006
The third release of the year is now in stock! Northland from RuneSoft is available now.

05 Feb 2006
Do you have unwanted duplicates of Linux games? Are you never going to play some of those games ever again and wondering what to do with them? Well, now we have an answer. The Tux Games Used and New store has just opened. List your own items on our store, and with the profit from the sales you make, either use that to buy more games, or turn it into cash.
We also invite the other Linux game companies to list their products on our site, and get a share of the sales from the leading Linux games store.

19 Jan 2006
Is your birthday coming up? Or some other local celebration where gift giving is common? Well why not set up a Tux Games Wishlist! Use this brand new feature to create an easy to maintain list of Tux Games products, all at one convenient URL for you to give to people.

09 Jan 2006
Only a week into the new year and we have a second new release for you. Airline Tycoon is the new release from German company RuneSoft. Manage an airline to dominate the airways in this new game.

30 Dec 2005
A happy new year to everyone from Tux Games. We have a new game for you to usher in 2006, from newcomers to the Linux gaming scene, Oddlabs. Their new game, Tribal Trouble is exclusively available on CD from Tux Games.

23 Nov 2005
T-Shirts, T-Shirts, get your FREE T-shirts!

Order a Tux Games T-Shirt, and then send us a photo of yourself in that T-shirt, at a famous place, and we will refund the cost of the T-shirt.
See the Tux Games T-Shirt product page for full details!

01 Oct 2005
Two great new games have recently been announced for Linux and are available right now for pre-order. X2: The Threat from LGP and Quake IV from id. Dont miss out!

07 Sep 2005
We are pleased to announce that Tux Games, by popular request, has added new review functionality to our site, allowing you to read peoples opinions of the games before you buy.
This feature is brought to you in partnership with the Linux Game Tome, the leading review site for all Linux games.

24 Jun 2005
Today we`re running hot and cold with new games. Burn in the hell of Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil from id, or slide the ice in Soul Ride, the latest release from LGP. Order now!

16 May 2005
The epic strategy game: Robin Hood: Legend of Sherwood is on its way to Tux Games. Stock is expected later this week, so order soon to avoid disapointment!

09 May 2005
Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil is due out for Linux in the near future. If you enjoyed Doom 3, you can`t miss this one! Preorders now being taken!

19 Mar 2005
Darwinia is in danger!

11 Jan 2005
LGP`s newest title, Software Tycoon is now available. See if you could dominate the games market from its earliest years!

20 Nov 2004
If you haven`t tried it yet, now is the time. The Neverwinter Nights Triple Pack is now available. The original Neverwinter Nights and both expansion packs in one box set.

And the best news is that buying this Platinum Edition is only half the price of buying each game by itself, so you wont find a better way to experience this great game on Linux.

07 Oct 2004
The Doom 3 client for Linux has now been released! We are currently working on an installer and will be shipping Doom 3 to people as soon as the installer is completed.

The Doom 3 DVD version is still not available from the suppliers, so currently only the CD version will be shipping.

29 Aug 2004
Following recent serious flooding in many parts of the UK, the Tux Games server room and stock room were seriously damaged by floodwater. This has lead to delays to many orders, and delays in processing emails and other queries.
We are now just about back on our feet and normal service is now resuming, and we would like to apologise to anyone that has experienced problems due to our downtime.

On a happier note, somewhat late, we can now announce the immediate availability of Doom 3 (CD Version) with the DVD Version to be released shortly. The Linux version is, however, NOT yet available. As many gamers will dual-boot if you pre-order Doom 3, and wish us to just send you the Windows version instead of waiting for the Linux version, please send an email to with your order number, and letting us know you would like us to ship immediately.

01 Jun 2004
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault is now available for immediate shipping!
It took a while, but we hope you think it was worth the wait.
We are also shipping the Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Strategy Guide for those who have preordered it.

04 May 2004
Linux Game Publishing has announced Postal 2: Share the Pain for Linux.
Preorder from Tux Games and you are guarenteed access to the Beta Test!

16 Mar 2004
In our efforts to increase the availability of Linux Games, Tux Games has today announced a new partnership with game retailer Game 23. This partnership will see Linux games available in physical retail shops in the UK for the first time in 3 years, and is an important step forwards in bringing Linux gaming into the mainstream.
Under the terms of our agreement with Game 23, Tux Games receives a percentage of sales revenue from the new Game 23 website, so now you can know you are helping Linux gaming even when you buy games that arent for Linux!
For more information, please see our press release.

12 Mar 2004
The eagerly awaited Unreal Tournament 2004 is released next week, and it is confirmed that it has Linux in the box! Pre-order it here on CD or on DVD.

Anyone that has preordered the CD version already and wishes to swap to the DVD version, please let us know!

21 Jan 2004
The newest LGP title, NingPo MahJong is now available.

14 Jan 2004
Now that Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark has been out for a few weeks, some of you may be needing some help. So, for your underdark solutions, we have the Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark strategy guide.

06 Dec 2003
Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark has now been released. The Linux version is being prepared by Bioware and is expected in the next few days. Order now to get your order as soon as the Linux version is available.

25 Nov 2003
LGP has announced three new games are on the way for Linux. Knights and Merchants, Software Tycoon, and Gorky 17. To be involved in the beta tests for these games, you can be guarenteed a spot by preordering here, and sending your receipt to LGP!

16 Sep 2003
Savage: The Battle for Newerth has been released. We are expecting our stock of this game to arrive shortly, and will begin shipping as soon as the game arrives with us.

06 Sep 2003
Ballistics, the fast action racing game from LGP, has hit beta! Tux Games can offer you the opportunity to join in on the beta test and play the game early!

Simply preorder Ballistics from Tux Games and send your proof of purchase to LGP. You will be able to download Ballistics before it is released, and play the game early. You could even get a mention in the official game manual!

01 Aug 2003
Are you stuck in Undrentide? Can`t find the last artifact? Well now you can solve all of these problems, and more, with the new Neverwinter Nights: Shadows of Undrentide Strategy Guide.

07 Jul 2003
Preorders are now being taken for Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark, the second expansion pack for Neverwinter Nights.

Preorder now and receive a $5 early purchase discount. The discount won`t last, so get it quick!

28 Jun 2003
Preorders are now being taken for Savage: The Battle for Newerth, the new game from S2 Games.

Preorder, and send your Tux Games Purchase Receipt to S2 Games, and you are guaranteed a spot in the currently ongoing beta test!

20 Jun 2003
Finally, after many months of waiting, Neverwinter Nights is ready! We are in the process of producing the installer to ease the installation process, and we expect to begin shipping the game on Monday 23rd.

We will also be shipping copies of the NWN Strategy Guide and Worldbuilder Guide to all who preordered them.

We also plan to begin shipping the NWN expansion pack Neverwinter Nights: Shadows of Undrentide at the same time.

We expect demand to be VERY high in the next few weeks, so if you want to get the game, order it now!

05 Jun 2003
Linux Game Publishing has today announced three new games are complete and in final testing before release. Hyperspace Delivery Boy, NingPo MahJong, and Soul Ride.

In other Tux Games news, we have secured a new limited supply of Tribes 2 and Alpha Centauri, and so these games are now back on sale, but for a short time only. If you want them, get them quick before they sell out!

25 Apr 2003
Majesty has arrived!

Hot from the presses at LGP, comes their latest title, featuring dragons, heroes, and gold! Order now, or check out the Demo and find out what you are missing!

12 Mar 2003
LGP have announced that Majesty has gone gold. This means it should be available in aproximately 2 weeks. Preorder your copy now to beat the rush for one of the hottest titles for Linux this year.

27 Feb 2003
Despite our best efforts to continue to obtain the now discontinued Loki titles, finally the inevitable has happened and one of the Loki titles will no longer be available from our store. Alpha Centauri has now been discontinued.
For anyone that is still missing a few of the Loki titles to complete their collection, we still have a few of the rest in stock, but they wont last forever. Come and get them whilst you can!

06 Feb 2003
LGP has announced that their latest title, Candy Cruncher is complete. We now have this in stock and ready to order!

31 Jan 2003
Today is Medal of Honor crazy day! With the announcement that not only Medal of Honor: Allied Assault is to be available for Linux, now the expansion pack: Medal of Honor Allied Assault: Spearhead will be available also. Add to that their two new Strategy Guides and we have the ideal chance for a sale!
Order the bundled packs of Medal of Honor Collection or go all out with Medal of Honor: Everything, each bundle gives you a discount over the regular prices of the games! Hurry, this special discount offer is only available for pre-release orders. As soon as the games are released, the offer ends!

28 Jan 2003 has announced that a port of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault is in process. We are now taking preorders for this, one of the hottest titles of the last 12 months!

11 Jan 2003
LGP has announced their two newest titles. They are Ballistics and Bandits: Phoenix Rising. Bandits is a post-apocalyptic game of cars with machine guns and rockets. Ballistics is a racing game where you can easilly top speeds of a thousand miles an hour! Both games are available for pre-order now!

05 Jan 2003
Today, we have released the new version of our affiliates program. Instead of requiring $50 worth of rewards to send a check, an affiliate may now request a credit voucher for as little as $5, which may be spent on any product in the Tux Games store.
Join up now, and link to our site to get credits for every sale you refer to us!

25 Dec 2002
Congratulations to a shopper from Boston, USA, who won our festive giveaway! Their pre-order for a copy of Majesty is now FREE!

24 Dec 2002
We are pleased to announce, that after much delay, Uplink is now in stock. Get your teeth into this great game of hacking, cracking, and serious hardware upgrades!

12 Dec 2002
Linux Game Publishing has announced their newest title, Disciples 2: Dark Prophecy. There is no release date yet, but as always, you can preorder here!

02 Dec 2002
For our third year running, Tux Games is once again celebrating the festive season. One person, whose order is placed between midnight beginning November 25th and midnight beginning December 25th will receive their order for FREE!
The winner will be announced on the 25th of December and the lucky customer will have their money refunded in full.

Good Luck!

04 Oct 2002
Unreal Tournament 2003 is now available for purchase. Order now before your friends get too much practice!

10 Sep 2002
We are pleased to announce that Tux Games is now accepting pre-release orders for Unreal Tournament 2003 and its Strategy Guide.

29 Aug 2002
We are now accepting pre-orders for Doom 3.
Many of the details, including the exact release date, are unknown for this game, but what we do know is that it will be the most spectacular 3D experience of 2003! Order now to have your game shipped on the first day we receive our stock!

31 Jul 2002
Unreal 1 is now available from our store. Although it was released before, Unreal runs as an expansion to Unreal Tournament.

02 Jul 2002
Neverwinter Nights is now available for the Windows platform. However as Tux Games is a Linux company we will not be shipping until the Linux client is available.
If you cannot wait, please send an email to and we will send just the Windows CD to you. However if a dedicated Linux CD is released, we will not be able to replace the Windows CD with a Linux CD. As such, we would reccomend people wait for the Linux release.

01 Jun 2002
Tux Games will shortly be producing an Open Source Games Compilation CD. Each CD will come with a $10 donation code that can be donated to any group that has a game on the CD.

If you have a completed game that is distributed under an Open Source licence, please click here for further information about how to ensure your game is included.

16 Apr 2002
We are pleased to announce the new Account facility on our website. This facility allows you to just enter your shipping and credit card details once, and they are stored in our database for the next time you place an order, making your purchases quicker and easier.

Having an account also allows you to use our new `Impulse Buy` system, where you can buy whatever you want with just one click of the mouse.

14 Apr 2002
We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Tux Racer, featuring everyones favorite penguin in a fast-paced downhill challenge!

29 Mar 2002
After many requests, we have decided to put up for sale the Return to Castle Wolfenstein Installer. If you already have an official copy of Return to Castle Wolfenstein for Windows, then this CD will perform a full Linux installation for you.

06 Mar 2002
After much delay we finally have the Strategy Guide for Return to Castle Wolfenstein in stock. If you are stuck, pick up a copy and it will show you the solution to all of your Wolfenstein problems!

24 Jan 2002
By now, many people will have read the slashdot news about Loki. Whilst the situation is disappointing, and Tux Games will indeed have a harder time of things with no Loki in the background, we will not be going anywhere. Since their chapter 11 filing we have been positioning ourselves to withstand this kind of event, and we fully expect to be here for the forseeable future. Whilst the biggest, Loki was not the only company producing games. Don`t forget BHS, LGP or Illwinter.
We would like to thank all of our customers for your support to date, and look forwards to providing you games for many years to come.

20 Jan 2002
The Return to Castle Wolfenstein installer is now complete. We will now immediately begin shipping the game to everyone that pre-ordered.
For anyone else, we have plenty in stock, but that won`t last, so order your copy soon before we run out!

18 Jan 2002
Great News! The Linux single-player version of Return to Castle Wolfenstein is now available. We will beging shipping the game as soon as we have written the Linux installer. We will have people working on it around the clock over the weekend!
Order your copy from us, and each copy will be reported as a Linux sale, rather than a sale for any other alternative platform...

07 Jan 2002
Linux Game Publishing has announced it has aquired the rights to Majesty and its expansion pack. You can now pre-order them from here!

05 Jan 2002
We are now stocking Creatures Internet Edition, the first release from LGP. Order your copy and help save some of those Norns from nasty Grendels!

25 Dec 2001
Congratulations to a customer from Spain, who won our holiday competition. Their order for three games is now FREE!

21 Dec 2001
LGP has announed the immediate availability of Creatures Internet Edition. Our stock is on order and we expect to receive it just after christmas.

08 Dec 2001
Once again, to celebrate the festive season, Tux Games is entering the spirit of giving! On December 25th, we will pick one order at random that has been placed since midnight on November 25th, and that order will be FREE! If you are the lucky person that placed that order, your money will be returned to you in full.

Good luck!

22 Nov 2001
Return to Castle Wolfenstein is now available for pre-order. We will ship as soon as the Linux version becomes available. Along with the Strategy Guide, this is guarenteed to keep you up for many many late nights!

20 Nov 2001
Loki`s newest release, Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K.2. has arrived. Order now, and get some of the most stunning visuals ever captured in a computer game!

04 Nov 2001
Postal Plus has arrived! Order yours now, and scare your friends by showing them how mindless violence fills you with glee!

02 Nov 2001
Loki has announced a release date for Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K.2.. The date given is November 9th, so that gives you just one week to get your orders in quickly to be one of the first to receive the game!

21 Oct 2001
Loki`s newest title, Postal Plus, an arcade-style game featuring mindless gore and killing, is now available for Pre-Order.

28 Aug 2001
Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns is here. This best-selling Real Time Strategy game is the first of its kind available for Linux from Loki. Great graphics and excellent strategic gameplay will keep you up all night, and probably many nights after.

28 Aug 2001
The Rune expension pack, Halls of Valhalla has arrived from Loki. If you liked Rune, you need this!

23 Aug 2001
The first stock of the new book by Loki Software, Programming Linux Games has arrived. Pick up your copy today, and maybe one day you will be seeing your own games on store shelves!

25 Jul 2001
Two new games from Illwinter Game Design are now available through Tux Games. Conquest of Elysium II and Dominions are both original titles, and are available today!

25 Jul 2001
Tux Games now accepts PayPal as a payment option. This means that people without credit cards may at last buy our games directly from our website.

19 Jul 2001

New Community Donation Center

Tux Games is pleased and proud to announce that we are opening our new community donations center.
The goal of this new part of our website is to encourage the support and financial contribution to the many Open Source gaming projects that are going on out there.
We invite the maintainers of any Open Source games project to sign their project up, and we will accept donations to their projects on this website, and send them the money.
We encourage all other Linux gamers to please contribute generously to the projects that are the backbone of the Linux gaming community. Lets give something back to the groups that have given so much to us!

15 Jul 2001
Tux Games is happy to announce its new line of merchandise. Tux Games branded Mousemats, Baseball Caps, Sweatshirts, and more! Click here for a list, and help us spread the word about Linux Gaming!

03 Jul 2001
Tux Games will be at the UK Linux Expo on July 4th and 5th this year. Come and visit our stand, number 171 opposite the Caldera stand at Kensington Olympia in London. We`ll be giving away some freebies too at regular times throughout the day.

03 Jul 2001
Congratulations to a visitor from Texas who won this months competition. A copy of Shogo: Mobile Armor Division.

20 Jun 2001
Bunnies are coming to Linux. Bunnies that are cute. Bunnies that are sweet and cuddly. Bunnies that love to deathmatch!
This new game from BlackHoleSun Software is just what you need if you are having one of `those` days. When everything else is going wrong, what can be more relaxing than fast paced arcade action with - BUNNIES!

14 Jun 2001
Loki`s new Third Person RPG, Rune has been announced as ready, and will be shipping on June 20th. You can order it here today, and get your taste of Viking adventure!

17 May 2001
Mindrover, the new strategy game from Loki, has been scheduled for release on May 23rd. Click on the link above to order your copy now!

12 May 2001
If you have experienced a delay to your order of Tribes 2 or Alpha Centauri, please read a public apology from our CEO.

03 May 2001
Our second batch of Tribes 2 and Alpha Centauri has finally arrived. Shipping has begun. This stock covers all orders of Alpha Centauri, and all orders of Tribes 2 up to April 27th. More Tribes 2 will be arriving in a week or so.

03 May 2001
Congratulations to a visitor from the west coast USA, who won a copy of Soldier of Fortune in Aprils competition. His winning slogan, that will be used on a big banner on our stand at UK Linux Expo was Tux Games - #1 in the destruction of programmer productivity!.
Click here to enter next months competition.

27 Apr 2001
All of our current stock of Tribes 2 is allocated. Please be aware that any new orders for this game, or the Special Offer Bundle will experience a delivery delay of around 8 days.

19 Apr 2001
Unfortunately it looks like there will be a couple of days delay to the arrival of Tribes 2 stock. We are hoping to receive our stock shortly and we will begin shipping the moment the stock arrives.

12 Apr 2001
We are happy to be able to offer everyone the chance to buy a special bundle of Alpha Centauri and Tribes 2 at a discounted price. Click here for more information.

12 Apr 2001
It has finally happened! Loki has released Alpha Centauri and Tribes 2.
We will be receiving our stock towards the end of next week and will ship immediately. Get yours now to make sure you get some of our first batch of stock!

09 Apr 2001

Support Service

Tux Games is announcing a call for voulenteers for our new Support Service. Please read the information on the link and if you would like to join, please let us know.

31 Mar 2001
This months Tux Games competition is a little different. Go find the Golden Penguin and find out how!

31 Mar 2001
Congratulations to a visitor from Illinois, who has just won a prerelease order of Rune in our monthly competition. As soon as we have stock, a copy of this brand new game will go out to them!

25 Mar 2001
Tux Games is happy to announce the release of Quake III Team Arena. This update to the massively popular Quake III Arena is packed full of the best we have come to expect from id software!

08 Mar 2001
Sin has arrived! You can now order this great game for Linux, and experience one of the most talked about first-person strategy games of all times.

03 Mar 2001
Congratulations to a visitor from Texas, in the USA, who just won a copy of Myth II: Soulblighter in our monthly competition. Try your luck this month and see what you can win!

01 Mar 2001
Our new stock for Jagged Alliance 2 and for Shogo: Mobile Armor Division has arrived! You can order these games now and they will ship next day from our stock.

13 Feb 2001
The second game release in a week has been announced today! Jagged Alliance 2 is complete! You can order it from us today. Our first stock of the game is due to arrive in a weeks time.

11 Feb 2001
We are happy to announce our new Mailing List service. Get the latest Tux Games news in your mailbox!

05 Feb 2001
Shogo: Mobile Armor Division is complete! You can order it from us today. Our first stock of the game is due to arrive on Thursday this week.

01 Feb 2001
Congratulations to one of our visitors from Florida, who won a copy of Heavy Gear II in this months competition.

21 Jan 2001
Tux Games is happy to now offer you the chance to pre-order the two latest offerings from Loki Software, Rune and Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K.2. Order now to ensure you get your copy first!

20 Jan 2001
Unfortunately we have been forced to withdraw Exiles III from our site. The company supplying them would only do so if we supplied the email address of every customer that purchased the game. As our privacy policy guarentees your email address will never be passed on, we were unable to continue to sell this item. We appologise for any inconvenience. We may resume sale of this item at a later date if we can do so without breaching our privacy policy.

13 Jan 2001
You can now pre-order Loki`s new Real-Time-Strategy game Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns from us. Come sign up and make sure you get yours first!

12 Jan 2001
The award-winning Exiles III: Ruined World is now available for purchase.

01 Jan 2001
Congratulations to one of our visitors from the USA, who has won a copy of Myth II Soulblighter in Decembers monthly competition.

25 Dec 2000
Congratulations to a customer from East Sussex, England, who is the lucky winner of our christmas day present. Their order placed with us earlier this month is FREE!

15 Dec 2000
The new release from id Software, Quake III Team Arena will be shipped from Tux Games with a Linux application CD included in the box. We will ship as soon as the Linux version is completed.

30 Nov 2000
Congratulations to one of our visitors from Ontario, Canada, who was the first winner of our monthly competition. A copy of Soldier of Fortune is on its way to you!

22 Nov 2000
At last, the first game port from Tribsoft is listed! Jagged Alliance II can be pre-ordered from us now! Get your copy and rescue Arulco from the evil dictator!

17 Nov 2000
Have you finished Descent 3 yet? Its been out for thee months now so you must have! Well now you can get your teeth into the Descent 3: Mercenary mission pack for Linux, out today.

16 Nov 2000
We have received our first information about the new Loki port of Deus Ex for Linux. We are happy to announce we are offering you pre-ordering facilities for this great new game. For a description and how to order, just click here.

31 Oct 2000
Starting today, we will be giving away one game a month for one lucky person that can find the prize link within our site, and can answer the question we ask. Click here for information on the competition.

30 Oct 2000
You can now pre-order Tribes 2, the newly announced game forthcoming from Loki Games. You may pre-order this game by clicking here.

30 Sep 2000
We are happy to announce we are the first to offer pre-release prices for the upcoming game from Loki Games, Mindrover.

29 Sep 2000
We are happy to announce we have two new strategy guides for your enjoyment.
Sin Strategy Guide
Descent 3 Strategy Guide

28 Sep 2000
After long delays, SimCity 3000 Unlimited is finally here! You can order it from here today, along with the strategy guide.

28 Aug 2000
Descent 3 is now in stock! Click here to order.

19 Jul 2000
Soldier of Fortune is now in stock! Click here to order.

07 Jul 2000
Terminus is now in stock! Click here to order.

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