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This page contains information for games developers.

If you have a game or a product that you feel is appropriate to list at our store and you wish to sell commercially, we may offer you an item listing on our site.

The listing costs nothing, we will give the listing for free if we feel the product is of a high enough quality. We will collect the order details, process the customers credit card details, and then forward the order on to you.You must then ship the order to the customer.We will send all order revenue to you once a month in the form of a check in either US Dollars or Pounds Sterling.

To contact us regarding this service, please email corporate@tuxgames.comTo qualify, you will be asked to send us a copy of your product, as the customer would receive it, to verify the products existance and your ability to ship it.

.You will be asked to sign an agreement stating that all orders will be shipped within one working day of our emailing you the order details. You must agree to abide by the Tux Games no-haggle replacement-on-damage guarantee.
You will be asked to name a price you wish to sell your item for. If Tux Games feels the price is appropriate, we will sell the item for that price. If we feel the price is inappropriate, we may ask you to lower your asking price before we list the item, as we will not stock any item at a price that we feel is unfair to its buyer.
Tux Games will take a 20% share of the list price of the item. You will be expected to pay for all shipping costs. Tux Games will reimburse your shipping costs at a rate agreed in advance. You will be responsible for any costs associated with issuing replacement items.

The full text of the agreement that Tux Games will send to you is here.

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