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Unreal Tournament 2003

CategoryFirst/Third Person
ByEpic Games
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Unreal Tournament 2003 is the sequel to 1999`s multiple `Game of the Year` award winner. It uses the very latest Unreal Engine technology - where graphics, sound and gameplay are taken beyond the bleeding edge.

Unreal Tournament 2003 is a lightning-fast, no-holds-barred sport of the future, where warriors face off like the Gladiators of ancient Rome to determine the ultimate combatant. Super human reflexes, awesome weapons and the skill to use them effectively are what separate the good from the bad, the living from the dead, the victor from vanquished.

Unreal Tournament 2003 can be played alone, against computer-controlled `bots` or against human opponents via LAN or the Internet. The single player experience revolves around progress through a tournament ladder where you play alone or as leader of a team of warriors you select to take on the enemy in the various modes of combat. As your team wins, you`ll work your way up through the leagues until the challenge to ultimate combat is met and the true Champion determined.

The multiplayer section of the game is where the skills you have are tested to the limit. Go up against individuals or teams on your own or as member of an elite squad on LAN or the Internet in Unreal Tournament 2003`s various modes of multiplayer game play.

A huge community of hardened warriors is out there waiting for the challenge. Its up to you to show them who they should be afraid of. This is real sport. Real competition. Let battle commence.

Please note: The Linux installer for this game is on CD 3 in the boxed set.

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Delivery Times
United Kingdom1-2 days
Europe1-3 days
North America5-10 days
South America10-20 days
Asia15-25 days
Australia10-15 days
Africa15-25 days
Minimum System Requirements
Operating System2.2.x or better Linux kernel with glibc-2.x and X-Windows
Processor900 MHz x86 Processor
Memory128 MB
Disc Space3.0 GB
CD Rom8 x CD Rom
Graphics CardHardware Accelerated 3D Graphics card with 16 MB video memory
Sound CardOSS Compatible