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Return to Castle Wolfenstein

CategoryFirst/Third Person
Byid Software
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Almost a decade since Wolfenstein 3D staretd the whole first person genre, you can now Return to Castle Wolfenstein and delve deep into Hitlers obsession with the occult, slaying zombies and mutants for the OSA.

Powered by the Quake III engine, you will not be dissapointed. 9 years of waiting pays off with some of the most powerful sound and graphics effects seen to date in a computer game.

The version of the game we are selling is the windows retail version, along with an extra CD which contains the Linux version and everything you should need to get it running.

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Delivery Times
United Kingdom1-2 days
Europe1-3 days
North America5-10 days
South America10-20 days
Asia15-25 days
Australia10-15 days
Africa15-25 days
Minimum System Requirements
Operating System2.2.x or better Linux kernel with glibc-2.1 or later and X-Windows
Processor333 MHz x86 Processor
Memory64 MB
Disc Space1.1 GB
CD Rom4 x CD Rom
Graphics CardHardware Accelerated 3D Graphics card with 16 MB video memory
Sound CardOSS Compatible