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Quake II: Colossus

CategoryFirst/Third Person
ByMacmillan Software
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It`s the final culmination...bound and bagged exclusively for you from ID Software. A trisection of explosive gaming that`s a true embodiment of the game that annihilates the rest.
Colossus compiles original Quake II, The Reckoning, and Ground Zero all into one solid mass. Perfect for power killing, this lethal gathering levels you with mind-bending AI, merciless monsters, and an arsenal of weaponry.
Consider this your warning!

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Delivery Times
United Kingdom1-2 days
Europe1-3 days
North America5-10 days
South America10-20 days
Asia15-25 days
Australia10-15 days
Africa15-25 days
Minimum System Requirements
Operating System2.0.24 or better Linux kernel with glibc-2.x and X-Windows
Processor166 MHz x86 Processor
Memory24 MB
Disc Space600 MB
CD Rom2 x CD Rom
Graphics CardGraphics card with 4 MB video memory
Sound CardOSS Compatible