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X3: Reunion

CategorySimulation, Adventure, First/Third Person
ByLinux Game Publishing
LanguageEnglish, German
AvailabilityIn Stock
Buying Options A Boxed Copy shipped to your door ($48.00)
A Boxed Copy, and also download the game NOW! ($52.80)
JUST a downloadable copy of the game NOW! ($43.20)
Rent and download the full game for a month ($4.80)
Rent and download the full game for a week ($2.40)
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While the Argon fleet is stretched almost to breaking point by the continuing attacks from Khaak, a new enemy is stalking the X-universe. What links a mysterious ship with the power to disappear, the ruthless Yaki pirates and a machine left by an ancient species? The answers are out there, if you can find them.

Featuring amazing new graphics, and a level of detail never before seen in any space-based game, prepare yourself for the next level of immersive, open-ended gaming.

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Delivery Times
United Kingdom1-2 days
Europe1-3 days
North America5-10 days
South America10-20 days
Asia15-25 days
Australia10-15 days
Africa15-25 days
Minimum System Requirements
Operating System2.2.x or better Linux kernel with glibc-2.1 or later and X-Windows (XFree86 3.3.5 or later)
Processor2.0 GHz x86 Processor
Memory900 MB
Disc Space3.8 GB
CD Rom1 x Dual Layer DVD Rom
Graphics CardHardware Accelerated 3D Graphics card with 128 MB video memory
Sound CardOSS or ALSA Compatible
Graphics card must support Shader 3.0
Internet ConnectionRENTAL copies require an internet connection to start up

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