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Mindrover Downloadable Update

ByLinux Game Publishing
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This is a downloadable update to Mindrover: The Europa Project. This update modifies the version published by Loki Software (1.07a) into the version published by Linux Game Publishing (1.07b).
This update offers no additional functionality. Purchasing this update gives you support for this game from Linux Game Publishing, and will allow future updates they provide to be installed for free (these updates will not be available for the old Loki version).
Updates planned include the 1.08 patch which will provide new objects to use on your rovers, and the Lego addon, so you can control lego robots from your game!

This is a downloadable product. When payment has been made, you will be given a download code and a URL to download from.

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Minimum System Requirements
A fully working copy of Mindrover for Linux by Loki Software must be installed