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Tux Games Delivery Policy

Tux Games pledges that it will deliver games in a timely manner. However, our delivery times may vary from item to item as some items are shipped from various parts of the world.

Wherever the item is shipped from, it will be shipped via a priority service if the shipping is domestic, or via a reputable air service if the shipping is international.
Your items will be dispatched within one working day of your credit card payment being approved by your credit card company, which usually happens within 24 hours of you placing your order.
If an item is out of stock, your item will ship within 24 hours of new stock arriving. If your order is split due to stock shortages, then there will be NO extra shipping cost.

Typical Delivery Times from our UK dispatch area

ToProcessing Time (Days)Shipping Time (Days)Total Delivery Time (Days)
UK1 - 21 - 22 - 4
Europe1 - 22 - 53 - 7
North America1 - 25 - 86 - 10
Australia1 - 27 - 148 - 16
Asia1 - 27 - 218 - 23
South America1 - 210 - 2111 - 23
Africa1 - 214 - 2815 - 30

Please note these are typical delivery times and may not be the same for the game you are ordering. Please check the game delivery times for your game on the information page for each game.

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